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The Versatility Of River Rocks In Landscaping: From Pathways To Water Features

If you're looking for a natural and unique element to add to your landscaping, river rocks are a great option. These smooth stones come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them versatile for any landscape design. If you have been thinking of renovating your backyard (or front yard) for some time and are not sure how to go about doing it, then you may just want to consider incorporating these helpful little materials. This article will explore the many ways you can blend and utilize river rocks into your outdoor space, from creating pathways to designing stunning water features.

Designing Pathways With River Rocks

One popular way to use river rocks in landscaping is to create pathways. These stones are perfect for adding a natural touch to your walkways and creating a comfortable and visually appealing path for guests. You can use river rocks as a border or fill in the entire pathway for a unique look. They also provide excellent drainage, which can help prevent flooding and water damage in your outdoor space. They feel much more natural than simply dumping in cement or thick pavers, and they do not have as heavy an impact on your yard as those materials would either.

Water Features

River rocks are also a great addition to any water feature in your outdoor space. They can be used to create natural-looking waterfalls or to add texture and depth to a pond or fountain. The smooth, polished stones provide an eye-catching contrast to the flowing water, and the natural sound of the water combined with the rocks can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. It really is hard to imagine creating a functioning water feature without, at least in some part, utilizing these great rocks.  They are cheap, easy to locate, and last for a long time even when fully submerged, so there is no risk involved in purchasing them. 

River Rocks For Landscaping: Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are a popular trend in landscaping, and river rocks are an excellent choice for creating them. These stones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which makes them ideal for creating natural-looking rock formations. River rocks can be used to create garden walls, terraces, and even small water features (as touched on above) within your rock garden. They are easy to maintain and do not go out of style, making them a great, long-term feature in any yard. 

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