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What Happens During Septic Tank Pumping Services?

Many homeowners live in houses with private septic tanks. A private septic tank resides on the homeowner's property and belongs to the homeowner. As a result, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining and repairing the system. One of the ways homeowners maintain their systems is by hiring companies to pump their tanks. After all, a septic tank has restrictions on how much it can hold. But how do companies handle septic tank pumping? What happens during this service? Here is a guide explaining the answers.

They arrive and locate the tank

The first step when the septic tank company arrives is locating the tank. They must determine where it is before they can empty it. Finding a septic tank is simple in some cases, while it can be challenging in others. It's easy when they can see the lid on the ground. In most cases, new homes are easier. Older homes might have buried lids, making them more challenging to find. However, septic tank companies have tools that help them locate septic tanks in yards. When they find it, they'll remove the lid.

They use suction to remove the contents

The next step is removing the contents. After removing the lid, they can see how much waste is in your tank. If the tank is full, they might suggest pumping it more often, as filling the tank to the top can harm the system. The septic company will suction the contents of the tank with a hose. They will bring a tank truck to your home, and the hose is attached to the truck. The truck has controls they use to turn the suction on and off. The septic worker will ensure they remove as much of the waste as possible during this step.

Examine the system components

During this process, the septic worker will also examine all the system components. The purpose is to locate potential problems. If there is a problem, they will tell you. They can fix the problem for you, and you should not procrastinate. Septic system problems can result in waste backups in your home. Thus, addressing the issues is vital to prevent this from occurring.

Get your tank pumped

Most homeowners require septic tank pumping services every two to three years. Sticking to a schedule is a great way to prevent problems by maintaining your system. So contact a septic tank pumping company today to schedule services.