Build It, Buy It

Tiny Homes: Keys To Shopping With A Dealer

A lot of people today swear by tiny homes because of their affordability and mobility. If you want to buy one, you'll need to work with a dealer. Just make sure you use these tips when shopping with one for a tiny home purchase.

Decide Between Custom and Standard Floor Plans

Once you find a dealer to purchase a tiny home from, they should have both standard and custom floor plans available. Think about what would help you get the most from this home purchase. For instance, if you want this tiny home to be built pretty quickly, standard plans might be the way to go.

Whereas if you're looking for some really unique things out of a tiny home, such as a craft room or loft at the top, then you might want to go the custom route. You would just need to account for the extra time it will take to craft a custom tiny home. 

Take Tours Seriously

If you're serious about buying a tiny home, make sure you tour these houses carefully in person. There are a lot of key assessments you need to make after all before putting down an offer. Fortunately, dealers should have multiple tiny homes already built for you to examine up close.

Go through each area and pay attention to key elements, such as the amount of space that's provided, the overall aesthetics, and the quality of craftsmanship. Then you can figure out what really is going to work for this tiny home purchase after these tours conclude. 

Get Enough Space

Tiny homes are known for their small size and this is something that needs to be perfect. How much room do you truly need to feel comfortable and happy with this home purchase long-term? This can vary from person to person.

It may depend on how long you plan to live in this tiny home and who will be living in it with you for example. Work out these details so that you can purchase a tiny home that gives you enough space to feel happy as an owner over the years. 

If you want to save money when buying a home, a tiny home build might be perfect. You can find a bunch of them from tiny home dealers. As long as you know what to assess with these homes, you can be happy with the property you end up with. 

Reach out to tiny home dealers near you to learn more.