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Increase Airflow — Retractable Screen Products

A retractable screen product allows fresh air into a home or business. A retractable screen is a framed product that can be installed on windows, doors, or enclosed patios and porches. 

Standard Screens Versus Retractable Products

Do you often flip-flop between wanting to allow fresh air into your home and wanting to block outside air in its entirety? The use of a standard screen may not supply you with enough airflow or you may wish to envision that you are truly outside, even when you are standing in your kitchen, your den, or another room in your home. A retractable screen is a motorized product.

Unlike a standard screen, which is typically designed to remain installed within a frame, a retractable screen will move from side to side or from down to up, simply by activating a button. An end user does not need to be burdened with removing a standard screen from the opening it is covering. Doing this could result in insects flying into a home and needing to fumble around to reinstall the screen in the opening. A retractable screen allows a property owner to fully control when airflow will be increased and when it will be blocked from entering a residence.

Materials And Installation

A screen housing, bottom and top rail, and a pair of sills are included in a retractable screen kit. The framework that comes in a kit will be separated, necessitating the use of a screwdriver, a drill, and hardware. Custom products can be manufactured to fit a specific window or door frame. A contractor can install one or more retractable screen products on a home or business.

First, a contractor may want to know what kinds of issues a property owner is currently facing. Maybe they are concerned with tears in their standard screens or are unhappy about bugs entering their residence when the screens are removed. They will also need to be aware of what types of windows and doors are currently on a home. Any opening that is currently covered with a standard screen is eligible for the addition of a retractable screen product.

A homeowner may typically spend time in their screen porch, but wish to increase the amount of visibility and airflow that they are supplied with. If so, a contractor can demonstrate how retractable products work and can pinpoint which openings to replace with retractable products. All of the window and door openings can be equipped with a retractable screen or specific ones can.