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3 Reasons To Include Cabinet Refacing In Your Kitchen Remodel Plans

Replacing the cabinetry in your kitchen may not be necessary, even if you're unsatisfied with your existing cabinets. If the body of the cabinets is still in good condition, it's wise to see how you can repurpose what you already have.

Refacing your cabinets through the following methods can offer a lot of flexibility in how the cabinets look and can cut costs compared to installing new cabinets.

Retain the Original Layout 

If you intend on keeping the same layout in your kitchen, refacing your cabinetry can be an excellent option since you'll be retaining the original installation. Since only the doors will be removed from the cabinets, there won't be a need to take down the entire cabinets and change up the layout.

Since you may be satisfied with the layout of your cabinets right now, there isn't any need to remove the original cabinet bases.

Minimal Installation Work 

Only refacing the cabinets can significantly reduce how long it takes for the installation to be done. Since the original cabinet body will stay mounted on the walls, you won't go through the time and effort involved in removing them. Instead, the cabinet doors will be removed and replaced or refinished in some way.

This method can greatly reduce how long it takes for the installation to be done, making it easier to have your cabinets refaced without delay.

Customization Options

Refacing your cabinets has a lot of flexibility over the features to include. Consider what you didn't like about your cabinets to decide better on details such as hardware, the front panels, and more. Staining or paint color should also be considered since it can greatly affect the final appearance.

Instead of being overwhelmed with the options for cabinet refacing, look into the other features you'll include while remodeling your kitchen. Using these other details as inspiration can help you design a style of cabinets with all the features you enjoy most. Another feature to include in your plans for refacing the cabinets is unique hardware that offers the functionality you want and matches with the other fixtures at home.

Opting for refacing your cabinets can refresh their look and help you better enjoy the look of your kitchen again. Checking what the benefits are of refacing your cabinets compared to replacing them entirely can help you better make a decision that you're satisfied with. Choose features that improve their appearance to ensure that your kitchen turns out how you envisioned. For more information on cabinets, contact a company near you.