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Have A Sewer At Your Home? Why You Need To Have It Inspected And How This Is Done

If you have a sewer at your home, you need to maintain it properly. One way to do this is have the sewer inspected by a professional sewer line inspection company or a plumber. Below are some things that can happen if you do not do this, as well as how a professional inspects the sewer line. 

Problems You Can Have

There are many problems you can have if you do not have your sewer line inspected. If there is damage in the line an inspection will show this. Without the inspection the damage will become much worse leading to more expensive repairs. Your property may also become damaged, such as sewer leakage in the drain field. There could be a flood that would damage the landscaping, and if the flood is bad enough could reach your home's foundation.

The entire sewer system may collapse if damage is not taken care of, especially if you have an older sewer system. If this happens, a brand new line and sewer system will have to be installed, which is time-consuming and very expensive.

You will start having a lot of clogs inside your home and you may have a sewer smell coming from your kitchen and bathroom drains. 

Sewer Inspection

The contractor you hire uses a video camera connected to a long, flexible pole to inspect the sewer system. This gives the contractor video footage on a display screen that they can see as the camera goes through the sewer lines.

Video sewer inspection allows the plumber to see where the damage is and its extent. This allows them to set up a plan on how they are going to repair your sewer line. The contractor may take the video footage to their business to inspect it more closely before they develop the plan. During the sewer line inspection, the plumber or contactor you hire may suggest that you clean the sewer line if this has not been done in a long time. If the lines are old, they may suggest replacing them with newer sewer lines. 

Ask the plumber or contractor how often you should have your sewer line inspected. If you have a large family, they may suggest you do this a couple of times per year. If you do not have a lot of people that live in your home the contractor may suggest once a year. 

The contractor you hire can give you much more information on how they inspect sewer lines.