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3 Important Factors To Consider Buying A Water Heater

Nothing is more important than enjoying comforting hot showers during the coldest days and seasons. As a result, instead of wasting gas or other heating resources, a water heater is the best system to have. 

However, because you'll find different types of water heaters in the market, you want to know how to find the best for your needs. As such, keep reading for the essential things to consider.

The Fuel Source 

Like furnaces, water heaters can use electricity, gas, or propane. Consider the fuel source you have before paying for a water heater. If you decide to settle for an electric heater, you want to plan for large coils, especially those you will hang down into the tank to heat the water before it gets into the shower. These coils are similar to those you'll use if you have an electric oven. 

An electric water heater is sometimes more expensive than gas or propane. So, unless you have enough budget for the heater and electricity bills, you might want to consider other heaters. In terms of maintenances, an electric heater is less expensive, considering it doesn't require venting. If the heater is small, its electric bills will also go down, making it an affordable option. 

Otherwise, if you want a big water heater, you'll have to choose between one that uses gas or propane. A gas water heater comes with a burner at the bottom of its tank. The heater also has a venting chimney for exhausting unwanted fumes and gases outside. However, if you choose a propane heater, it will function similarly to a gas heater. A propane heater is an option if you use propane at home instead of gas. 

The Heater's Energy Efficiency 

Regardless of the fuel, your water heater uses, buying one that saves energy can help you save more money from expensive energy bills. Check its federal energy standards to find a heater with the best energy-saving features. 

Look for these standards from the ratings written on the unit. Also known as the heater's energy factor (EF) rating, these are measures that indicate how efficiently the heater quickly converts energy into heat. The rating also shows how much heat is lost when hot water is stored in the heater tank. 

The higher the energy-saving ratio your heater has, the more efficient it is in heating water quickly and saving energy. You'll effortlessly buy a heater that uses less energy regardless of whether you use electricity, gas, or propane. 

Artificial Intelligence

Regardless of your budget, buying a water heater with advanced technology helps increase your home's availability of up-to-date devices. It also saves money and time, considering a smart water heater uses monitors and temperature settings that heat and deliver water quickly. This, therefore, lowers energy consumption and time wasted on heating the water.  

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