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Why Are Retaining Seawalls Important?

Seawalls, also referred to as retaining walls, are common in most coastal regions, especially in densely populated areas. They are large structures made of concrete blocks, rocks, and other materials to protect a beach's shoreline from flooding and erosion. With so many people now constructing beachfront commercial and residential properties, there is a real need for retaining seawalls. Below are a few reasons why waterfront property owners should seriously consider building a retaining seawall.

1. Protect Waterfront Properties From Floods

Flooding is a prevalent issue faced by beachfront property owners. And the causes of flooding are numerous. The rising ocean tide is responsible for most flooding cases. However, heavy rainfall, storms, tsunamis, and tornados also cause flooding along the coastline. When flooding occurs, a lot of property damage will also ensue, especially on marinas, boats, and other possessions. In areas without seawalls, houses are often destroyed. Therefore, retaining walls help prevent property damage by keeping the water away safely.

2. Helps Protect Lives When Natural Calamities Strike

When natural calamities like tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis strike the coastline, they bring storm surging flooding. And most of the time, retaining seawalls built in front of beach properties may not entirely prevent the ocean water from moving inland. However, the retaining walls reduce the speed of the ocean water, giving people enough time to move to higher and safer grounds.

3. Protects Land From Sea Erosion

It's common knowledge that ocean tidal currents affect the coastline every day. These ocean currents carry with them sediments that erode the coastline's bedrock. And for property owners who have built right on the beach, sea erosion is devastating since their property loses value and a portion of their land. Waterfront property owners can prevent this by commissioning the construction of a retaining seawall. The retaining wall acts as a barrier separating the ocean from the beach property.

4. Retain Seawalls Are A Long Lasting Investment

Scientists believe that global warming is causing a rise in sea levels. They also claim that the rate of sea-level rise is accelerating. A rise in sea level means that the threat of sea erosion is also on the rise. However, this isn't a concern in the beach property real estate market. And that's because retaining seawalls are durable. For example, the Pondicherry seawall is a three-hundred-year-old seawall. Therefore, when property owners begin retaining seawall construction, they're assured their properties will remain protected for a long time.

Final Word

The above information explains some of the many benefits of retaining seawalls. If you want to know more, consult with a seawall construction company near you, such as Lindley Landscape, to find out how you can protect your property.