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Designing A Duplex To Earn Extra Income: Four Features To Consider

When it comes to building your own home, you may be worried about the overall cost. Even the cost of ownership for a single-family home can be considerable, but building a duplex provides flexible options for earning extra income every month. Whether you rent out the second unit to a long-term tenant or you choose to use the space as a short-term vacation rental, designing a duplex for your family can be a great way to afford the cost of owning a home. As you work with your custom home builders, here are some design ideas to keep in mind to make the most of your space.

Separate Garages

Separate garages can help your tenants, both long-term and short-term, feel like they have their own unique and personal space. They can use this area as a workshop or a space to store their vehicles without worrying about disturbing their landlord, and adding a separate garage frees up space in the design plan for larger rooms and flexible living areas. Work with your contractor to ensure your design plan includes a driveway and access that make sense for the lot you'll be building on. 

Private Patio Space

Private outdoor space is essential for tenants and for your family, so remember to work this into your design plan as well. Sliding glass doors that open out onto a patio with privacy walls can create a beautiful outdoor entertainment area where everyone can feel free to be themselves. Incorporate a finished patio floor and decorative walls to make the patio area truly beautiful. You can extend the walls to reach the entire length of the yard to provide plenty of space for little ones or pets to play outdoors. 

Extra Bedrooms

Even if your family doesn't need a third or fourth bedroom, consider adding additional sleeping space to your design plan. These rooms can be used for flexible space, such as a home office or playroom, in your home, and they can make your duplex more attractive as a short-term vacation rental for large families to enjoy. You may also want to consider adding an extra en suite bathroom to your floor plans to make the rental unit more desirable. As an added bonus, you can use the extra en suite space in your home for guest accommodations. 

Fully Finished Basements

If possible in the area you live in, add fully finished basements to your custom duplex design. This flexible space can be used as a game room or home gym in a short-term rental or additional living space for long-term tenants. You can benefit from this extra space as well, using it to provide your family with an extra gathering space or creating a bar area for entertaining. A walkout basement is ideal for both your unit and the rental unit, as it provides easy access to the outdoor space and makes the basement feel more open. 

Reach out to a custom home construction company for more ideas.