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5 Things To Hire A Brick Mason For

A masonry contractor specializes in brick masonry inside and outside of your home. There are many reasons to hire a masonry contractor, and here are some great brick features for your house that might have you calling up a masonry contractor today.  


Exposed brick fireplaces are a popular accent for a living room or master bedroom. A brick mason can build or front a fireplace with bricks. Some fireplaces include a brick mantle or hearth. Brick adds texture and warmth to a fireplace, as well as an old-fashioned charm. Combine a red brick fireplace with cream walls, paned windows, and exposed ceiling beams for an interesting contrast of textures and a homey feel. 


Today, few buildings are structurally made of brick, but many houses are sided with a brick veneer, which is a layer of thin brick that is for aesthetics only. Brick masons can give your home an old-world charm and sophistication with a brick facade that covers either your whole house or just a section. A brick veneer is much more affordable than a brick structure and offers the same beauty. Have your home covered in a grey brick veneer by a masonry contractor and choose a bold colored door, like red, black, or orange for a striking look that is sure to stand out. 

Brick Wall

A brick mason can construct a brick wall in any room in your house. A brick accent wall elevates a room from humdrum to phenomenal. Brick is a great way to add warmth, texture, and interest to a room. Decorate your bedroom with a brick wall,  exposed light bulbs, and hardwood flooring for a look that is sparse but satisfying. 

Brick Fence 

A brick fence or wall in your yard is the ideal border if you want something that will stand the test of time. Brick walls between yards are elegant, and there are many designs to choose from; your masonry contractor can help you decide on the right one for you. Choose a combination fence with brick columns and iron rails for an imposing and cosmopolitan style that goes great with neatly trimmed shrubs and rose bushes. 

Bricks in the Kitchen 

One of the best places for bricks is in the kitchen. A brick masonry contractor can add a fireplace, a brick arch, brick window sills, or brick walls for a down-to-earth look in any kitchen. Have a brick backsplash installed behind a stainless steel stove for an eye-grabbing kitchen centerpiece.