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Revitalize A Stone Wall That Is Being Used As The Backdrop Of An Outdoor Common Area

A rock wall can be used as the backdrop of an outdoor common area, which is going to have furnishings spread around it. Upon inspection, you may be taken aback by the weathered appearance of the stonework or the loss or shrinkage of the mortar mix that is bonding the stones together. Aesthetical issues and minor wear can be remedied with some cleaning, patching, and painting techniques.

Address Dirt And Chipping

Before you make any upgrades, a clean surface is necessary. Months worth of sediment that is caked onto a stone wall's surface could mislead you into thinking that the condition of the wall is much worse than it really is. Use a high-pressure power hose to aid in rinsing off both sides of the stonework.

If some of the stones have chipped edges or if the mortar has loosened between joints, small fragments may detach from the wall during the pressure washing process. A concentrated detergent and a small wire whisk tool can be used to remove stains or stubborn pieces of mortar that have broken free but are wedged between a couple of stones.

Smooth, Fill, And Paint

A sanding block or a power sander can be used to smooth edges of each stone. If rocks are severely chipped, using an elastomeric patch is a better option, since sanding could aggravate a compromised surface and cause further breakage, resulting in a weakened portion of the stone wall. Use a product that comes in a tube, so that you can use a caulk gun to administer the patch evenly.

For severe damage to the wall, which includes missing stones, hire a masonry contractor to upgrade the wall. An entire section of the wall may need to be replaced, before being able to address minor imperfections that the rest of the wall contains.

For missing mortar issues, purchase a masonry repair product that is designed to bond to existing mortar. A mortar blend that is the same color as the original mortar should be used if you decide to leave the stonework unpainted. The original color of the wall may blend in well with the new furniture layout that you will be using or maybe you prefer the originality of the stone design.

If you are interested in modernizing the masonry and want to add vibrant color to the stone surface, choose a spray paint or brush on a product that is a distinct color. A flat paint variety will conceal imperfections in the stonework and a glossy paint product will add a sheen to the surface, but cracks or blemishes that are on the stone surface may be more evident. After applying paint to both sides of the wall, set up some chaise lounge chairs, upright chairs, or framed hammocks, which your guests can lay or sit on.

To learn more about masonry repair, contact a company near you.