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Water Well System Troubleshooting Guide To Know What Repairs Your Well Needs

The well system for your home is a complicated mechanical system, and when parts fail, you have trouble. Therefore, you need to be able to troubleshoot your water well systems to solve problems and have repairs done quickly.

The first things that you need to check are the power and pressure switch, which can cause the well system not to work correctly. You may also need to check the filtration, pump, and other systems for problems that need to be repaired. The following water well system troubleshooting guide will help you find the underlying cause of your well problems.

Checking the Power and Pressure Switch 

One of the first problems that you are going to want to check is the power with your well system. Check to make sure the main power switch is on and that breakers have not been tripped. You will also want to check the pressure control switch to make sure it is working and not damaged. If the pressure control switch is damaged, a water well systems service can replace it to get your system working again.

Problems With the Pressure Tank Valves

The pressure tanks are vulnerable to several issues with valves. These tanks have valves inside of them, which turn the pump on when the water is used. If there is a problem with the tank, it can cause the pump to run when it should not or not turn on when it is needed. Replacing the valve or pressure tank will usually solve these problems.

Pumps That Stop Working and Need Servicing

The pump for your well could also be the cause of the problems you are having. If your system uses a submersible pump, it will need to be pulled from the well and checked for problems. When well pumps are aboveground, you may be able to check the wiring, switches, and other minor issues. If you cannot figure out why the pump is not working, you will want to consider a well service for help with repairs.

Well Water Filtration Systems and Maintaining Them

Today, modern well systems also include filtration solutions. These systems are water softener or purification systems that provide your home with clean water. Over time, mineral buildup and particles cause these systems to work less efficiently. Therefore, these systems often need to have maintenance done to ensure the clean water is flowing to your home as it should.

When your well system is not working as it should, these are issues that you will want to check. Contact a water well system repair service for help with repairs and improvements when you have a problem with your well equipment.